Walmart Medical Alert Systems, Really?

Walmart medical alert systems are actually a real thing. Most of us in the medical alert system arena find it quite weird Walmart actually provides bonafide medical alert devices. So we did a little bit of research combined with a field trip and randomly picked three...

“Can I wear my alarm button in the shower?”

The title of this blog is a question that is asked so often by people considering a medical alert system.  The answer is a resounding YES.   Preventing senior falls starts in the bathroom where it is estimated over 75% of falls occur for adults over the age of...

Medical Alert Systems Review Websites, Trustworthy?

When searching for a medical alert system for a senior, one will often stumble upon a number of websites that claim to be an unbiased source for medic alert system information. Our research seems to indicate otherwise. It seems as though most of these sites only...

Life Alert vs. Lifeline Medical Alert Systems Review

Lifeline is probably the oldest medical alert system provider in the country. It was founded in 1972 and quickly became the predominant medic alert system company by the late 1970’s. In early 2006 Philips Electronics acquired Lifeline and that’s when things may have...

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