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Central Station

Medical Alert Monitoring Service*

We are proud to announce, as of  the summer of 2012 Vital-Link’s new state of the art central station in Ohio will be completed and fully operational This facility will possess the latest in networking capabilities and redundancy to assure our subscribers the best in communications for their medical alert systems.

Since disaster recovery is always a concern the final touches are now being put in place on our backup disaster monitoring facility. This other facility is fully redundant to our primary Central Station, connected by a dedicated fiber optic link to ensure the fastest, most reliable data transfers available.. The automation system at the disaster backup facility will be constantly updated from the main monitoring center. If a disaster occurs at the main center, the back up facility automatically goes on-line. There will be no need to manually transfer data or forward any phone lines – we will have the capability to monitor from the backup facility within a matter of minutes.

Vital-Link has been in the medical monitoring business since 1981. We like to think we have a long history and proven track record for providing state of the art medical alert monitoring services.

  • In the medical alarm business since 1981
  • U.L. Listed – certified by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Our monitors have an average of 7+ years of monitoring experience
  • Of course our monitoring center is operational 24/7/365
  • Redundant standby power generators provide uninterrupted security for all critical circumstances. Powered by natural gas and regularly tested and audited to U.L. standards.
  • State-of-the-art software.
  • State-of-the-art hardware with full redundancy.
  • Telecommunications through fiber-optic phone lines, all T-1 high-speed carriers.
  • CSAA CERTIFIED – 5 Diamond Central Station
  • Our Quick Response Monitoring Alarm Center provides high quality American based state of the art medical monitoring.
  • We pride ourselves in retaining team members who are professionally trained in all critical situations. Our team pays attention to detail so as to enhance our subscriber’s safety and security.
  • We have "live" operators who answers all alarms … there are no automated attendants.

With Vital-Link nationwide medical alert service, help is always available at the push of a button. When you press the personal help button a signal is sent to the medical alert console, which immediately contacts an emergency operator. Within moments, a highly trained operator is on the line, ready to help, 24 hours a day.

Certified US-Based Emergency Response Centers

Vital-Link commitment to high quality service and training is particularly important for our emergency response centers. Vital-Link has partnered with a company that has specialized in emergency monitoring since 1981. In place are redundant emergency monitoring centers, both located in the United States, that are capable of providing nationwide support even if a natural or man-made disaster takes one of their centers offline. These monitoring centers are CSAA Five Diamond Certified, which means they undergo a rigorous certification process each year and commit to quality standards. Layered on top of this certification, the centers are subject to random inspections and are certified by UL Labs, a nationally recognized testing laboratory. All of our monitors operators are US-based English speakers.

Order an Vital-Link  Medical Alert System and get 24/7 emergency monitoring to help you or your loved one live safely and independently.

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