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An Overview of Our System

Medical Alert System

The Vital-Link Medical Alert System includes both a base unit and a wearable help button that work together to provide 24/7 emergency medical monitoring.

The Vital-Link Medical Alert Console

The Vital-Link medical alert system is easy to use and simple to plug in.

Our medical alert system’s console has a built in speaker that allows you to hear us … provided of course your hearing is OK and the console also has a built in microphone that allows us to hear you … provided of course that you are able to speak at the time of an emergency. So what happens if I can’t talk or you can’t here me? No worries …click here to find out.

Medical Alert Console

  • Self tests most functions of the console. To ensure that all systems are functioning properly we encourage you to send us frequent test signals. Any time of the day or night you may test your system. You never have to call prior to running a test … the reason for this is quite simple … nobody ever calls us before they fall … so we want you to test your Vital-Link any time you feel like. Frequent testing of medical alarms accomplishes at least two important things. First … it lets you know that we are always “there”. Second, should there be a problem … we want to discover it during a test … not during an emergency. While problems are rare, they can occur and there are never any charges for service.
  • Our medical alarms have back-up batteries so that if the power goes out … the system will still work for up to a day.
  • All calls to our emergency monitoring center use a toll free phone number … there will never be any telephone charges for using the Vital-Link.
  • ETL Listed and conforms to UL STD-1637 guidelines and ANSI/UL-1635
  • Come with no charge service plan … it  breaks … we fix it … NO CHARGE

Medical Alert Buttons

The Vital-Link medical alert buttons are easy to wear, light weight (about ¾ of an ounce) and designed to be taken in the shower or bath. The button can be worn as a medical alert bracelet on your wrist OR they can be worn as a medical alarm pendant which is supplied with a breakaway chain to be worn around your neck. With either button you may use your own chain or wristband, however, if you choose to use your own chain for the pendant style button …. Please make sure you’re your chain has the breakaway feature … the idea behind using a breakaway chain is to prevent choking.

  • May work up to 200 yards from the medical alarm console. The actual range of these buttons is often much less than 200 yards. The range of these medical alert buttons cannot be determined until a range test is done at the location where it is being used. The range test is quite simple … you take the Vital-Link medical alert button to every room in your house and to any place on your property where you might get into trouble … and then you simply press the button … if the audible alarm sounds at the Vital-Link console the you know the button reaches … if the audible alarm does not sound … then the button does not “reach”. This is the only way to accurately determine the range of your button. It does not matter what kind of claims we make … or any of our fine competitors make … the range test determines the actual range of the button at your location. Don’t be fooled by those two very small words “up to”.
  • Our medical alarm pendants and bracelets are designed to work (reach) from any place inside your house as well as many places on your property. Once again … remember to do a range test.
  •  Our medical alarm pendants and bracelets are meant to be worn in the shower and bath and are designed so they can be comfortably worn 24 hours a day.
  • Meets FCC guidelines for frequency and power guidelines.
  • Our medical alarm pendants come with an adjustable breakaway chain.
  • Our medical alarm bracelets can be used with most watchbands … if you don’t like ours you may certainly use one of yours

Key Security

The emergency lock box allows you to securely store your house keys outside your home. Vital-Link will share the combination with emergency responders only  in the event of an emergency. This allows emergency personnel to enter your home without breaking down your door.

Emergency Lock Box Features:

  • Large storage compartment can hold house keys.
  • Reinforced body withstands hammering and sawing.
  • Attractive design blends with decor to minimize attention.
  • $39.00 if purchased separately from pricing plans
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