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Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms – Points to Consider

As people start to reach senior status, they must consider what lifestyle changes they should make to adapt to the normal changes in their physical health. Many aging adults begin to discuss with their grown children whether they want to remain in their current home, if they think they should downsize their homes, or if there are steps they can take to make their living space more senior-friendly.

As people age, they are increasingly susceptible to age-related conditions that increase the possibility of falls and require quick help in emergencies. One solution is to install a medical alarm, also known as a personal emergency response system or senior alert system or medic alert in their homes. These systems help seniors get help fast and avoid the loss of independence that can follow a fall or illness that does not get prompt attention.

Keeping Seniors Safe in Their Own Homes

Most seniors would prefer to stay in their own homes rather than at a senior retirement community or nursing home or long term care facility; allowing them to remain independent begins with a safe home. A medic alert is a great way to provide senior citizens and their family members with peace of mind as the system allows a subscriber to reach emergency personnel at any time from anywhere in their homes. This emergency medical device consists of two parts - a console and a help button. The console connects into a standard power line and phone line.

The second part of the system is the emergency call button which comes in two styles - a necklace or pendant that can be worn around the neck, or a bracelet or wristband worn around the wrist. When activated, the help button transmits a signal to the console, which then calls the emergency monitoring center. The subscriber can then communicate the situation to our trained emergency operator.  As long as the subscriber is wearing one of these buttons, they have access to help.

Why Medical Alert Devices Matter!

Some seniors resist getting a medical monitoring system because they associate use of these systems with being elderly or infirm. However, the risk of falling and or suffering a serious health issue is real, especially for those with chronic conditions such as diabetes or arthritis that increase the risk of falling, or those with heart conditions or stroke risks that demand a quick response. Many times, people who fall just once will develop a fear of falling, and this can not only put them at a higher risk of falling again, but could lower their quality of life and also threaten their hopes of living independently.

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