Medical Alert System Comparisons

Medical Alert System comparisons are often presented in the form of a chart that is comprised of  the many features that are part of any good medical alert device. When you look at these charts ... it always seems as though the website that you are on is rated # 1 on that chart. What makes Vital-Link different is that we think you are smarter ... we think you realize the lack of objectivity ... So we have decided to spare you another silly self serving chart. At the bottom of this page, we describe how to objectively choose the right medical alert system provider for you or your loved one. Take a few minutes to review it. What is important is that you get yourself protected. We hope you choose Vital-Link ... but if you don't ... that's OK ... don't wait and get the protection that you need now.

Our Goal at Vital-Link is Quite Simple

We believe we are amongst the best medical alert system providers in America. We also want to be the lowest cost provider of these services. We also believe, if you do your home work and make the calls and review the websites, you too will come to this same conclusion.

*Life Alert ® and *Lifeline ® are often compared to the Vital-Link medical alert system. Life Alert costs start at $29.95 per month for its most basic program which requires a 3 year contract; you can also add more features and pay a lot more money per month. Lifeline costs up to $45.00 per month depending on your zip code. Vital-Link is $26.00 per month wherever you live, there are no long term contracts and we will never raise your price. After conducting reviews and comparisons of all three we are frequently called back and are told that Vital-Link is their choice because they think we are the best and most affordable. The most important part of any medical alert service is great customer service. At Vital-Link, this is one of the many things we are most proud.

              Vital-Link … Lowest Cost Medical Alert Provider… No Compromise in Quality

* Life Alert ® is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.
* Lifeline ® is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.

How To Choose A Medical Alert System

Before making a decision as to which system to choose, it will definitely pay you to bear some of the following in mind:

  • Do research on various medical alarm systems companies ... not just Vital-Link.
  • Speak to friends and family about their experiences and ask them for recommendations.
  • Compare the types of medical alarms, and costs of the packages that are offered by more than just one medical alarm company
  • Check whether the equipment is sold to you or is just on rental.
  • Check the cancellation policy.
  • Check whether your insurance or Medicare covers the medical alarm devices; most of them do not.
  • Ensure that the company offers 24/7 medical monitoring
  • Make sure that the company is Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) listed.

Never allow yourself to be pressured into buying a personal emergency response system. There are many medical alarm companies who use very aggressive sales pitches to sell their systems, and they have often been accused of taking advantage of the elderly by using strong-arm tactics and bullying them into buying systems that are not right for their circumstances. 180