Wyoming Medical Alert Systems

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Land Link


Our most popular system.  Connects via your landline.  Neck or Wrist button available.  Fall Detection available.  $29.95 / month ***SALE*** $24.95/month.  $19.95/month with 1 year commitment.


Cell Link


No landline?  No problem!  Uses cellular towers to connect to our monitoring centers. Neck or Wrist button available.  Fall Detection available.  $34.95 / month


 Mobile Link


For the senior on the go.  Wear this button to the grocery store, mall, or anywhere you may go in addition to your home. Comes equipped with lanyard and charging station.  $37.95 / month

Featured Additional Options

Fall Detection Pendant

May detect falls without the need to press the button.
$8 / month.

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Lock Box

Secure access to a key to allow paramedics to enter the home.
$3 / month.

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Family Owned & Operated Medical Alert Company in Wyoming

From our family to yours, we hope to provide ongoing support, peace of mind, and trusted emergency assistance that improves the quality of life. We offer our clients in Wyoming a range of the most advanced medical alert systems and offer fully customized emergency alert responses to provide a deeper level of reassurance for our valued customers. Our services include 24/7 emergency assistance, flexible monthly options, and a range of other beneficial features that make it easier than ever to enjoy the comforts of home with added safety and confidence.

Who Should Purchase Our Medical Alert Systems?

  • • Seniors
  • • Physically Challenged Individuals
  • • Individuals Recovering From A Surgery Or Accident

Unlike costly home care or assisted living transitions, our affordable medical alert systems in WY are one of the best ways to protect you and your loved ones’ safety and financial wellbeing. Many of our clients are of sound body and mind, and simply need a little reassurance while going about their daily routines. We have both at-home and mobile medic alert devices, so whatever unique safety benefits you’re hoping to find, our range of medical alert systems in Colorado provide the guaranteed coverage you’re looking for. 

Browse Our Medic Alert Devices Today

Our medical alert systems in Utah and Wyoming have evolved to meet the growing needs of our aging population. Our medic alert devices can be worn in the shower while working in the backyard, or while taking trips into town. All of our devices include free shipping, involve the easiest setup in the business, and include discreet options that easily conceal beneath shirts and sleeves for absolute privacy and dignified safety. 

If you or a loved one could benefit from the added security of a medical alert system in WY, we offer: 

  • Landline Link: The ideal choice for clients that hope to stay home. Our favorite option, this affordable unit provides the strongest connection to our 24/7 network and enables clients to enjoy activities around the house up to 1,000 feet from the console. 
  • Cellular Link: No landline? Not a problem. Our versatile cellular model syncs with cellular networks for reliable emergency assistance whenever you need us. Just like our landline link, this unit boasts an amazing device range, includes a built-in speaker for direct communication with our associates, and is available in neck or wrist varieties for comfortable all-day wear. 
  • Mobile Link: For complete freedom and safety while traveling, our mobile option is the best choice. Our GPS/cellular powered neck units come with a fast charging station, including extended battery life, and open up new possibilities for staying active and enjoying life to the fullest. 

  • Fall-Detection Pendant: Add to any of our other monthly service options for an additional layer of fall protection. Our advanced devices immediately sound the alarm whenever a fall is detected. Designed to prevent false alarms, our latest version provides trusted protection from instability, slippery surfaces, or steep staircases. 

Find a Device That’s Right for You in Wyoming

Our family company is happy to help you find a device that’s best for your living situation. We hope to establish lasting trust with our honest services, and will clearly outline all that our powerful senior alert systems have to offer. 

If you have any questions about our available senior alert systems, would like to have a device shipped to you for free, or want to know more about the affordable monthly options available, don’t hesitate to reach out to our family-first team for the ongoing support you and your loved ones deserve.

Need Help Deciding?

Request a brochure or a phone call from a Vital-Link Safety Specialist to discuss what technology will best fit your loved ones needs.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Click below to read our most common questions about our system and how it can help you gain the independence you or a loved one deserves.

What Our Clients
Are Saying

Our most important goal
is customer safety and satisfaction.

Don R.

In these last 13 years, your company has always been really accommodating and helpful.  I appreciate it and will certainly keep recommending you to my friends and their parents.

Eva G.

Your Medical Alert services to date have been truly excellent; I am only canceling because my mom is moving in with family.  Thank you for taking care of her all these years.

<p style="font-size: 20px; color: #be2331; font-weight: bold; text-transform: uppercase;">Cathryn B./p>

Your Company has been GREAT to work with!  Thanks so much for your personability & understanding.  I’ll definitely be recommending you as friends develop needs for your service.  Best to you & your business.

Stan G.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company.  If I or any of my friends need this service in the future, I will definitely be recommending Vital Link.

Andrew S.

I thank you for all your help these past 10+ years.  You have provided excellent service, as well it has been a pleasure working with you.

Ellen P.

Thank you for your excellent Life Alert button these past 12 years.  It has saved her life more than once.  I will continue to sing your praises with acquaintances and family.

Dorothy S.

We have your service for many years.  Fortunately, we never had to use I, but it gave everyone in the family an incredible peace of mind.  Worth every penny.

Gail W.

It has been a pleasure to work with Vital-Link and I will recommend you to anyone who is in need of this service.  Thank you again for all your help.

Dan C.

I wish to thank and compliment Vital-Link for the highly professional manner that you have helped us through our time of crisis.  At every step, your company has been a reliable source of comfort, from ordering, installation, to return.  In our contacts with you and others at your company, it’s been obvious that you recognize your customer’s problems.  Thank you.

Helen H.

For the few times, we had a problem with the medic alert box during the last 13 years, Vital-Link has quickly corrected the problem. I even lost my medical alert bracelet once and they didn't charge me because I have been a customer for so long. They've also never made an error in billing.

Shirley S.

Your service is above and beyond, even if I did not knowingly touch the medical alert button. In one instance I leaned against my panic button necklace and when you called to see if I was OK, I was watching TV. I'm glad it was just a false alarm but now I know you are there if I need you.

Susan S.

Thank you sooooooo very much for three years of outstanding medical alert service ... and giving my dad three more years of life!!! Those years were ones I will always cherish.

Irene B.

I wear my medical alert necklace all the time. I am pleased I went ahead with this plane. My 10 children are much more at ease about me now. They live the four winds.  Smile!

Dorothy K.

The medical alert necklace that I got from Vital-Link has given me good service. Whenever I have called they have been very courteous and helpful. I always feel I can count on this company if I need help.

Audrey R.

Your service has been very good. You worked so good with my son setting it up.  I was in the garage and I hit the button, the ambulance came and you notified my son.

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