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Resource Guide for Keeping Seniors Safe

Keeping Seniors Safe and Independent at Home using Technology

These products include:

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
  • Medication Compliance Solutions
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Bedside Pressure Mats
  • Around the Clock Monitoring System

America’s 65+ population is growing at a swifter pace than the working age sector.* One result will be a decreasing supply of caregivers relative to the number of people needing home care.

In-home safety technology solutions—Vital-Link Medical Alarm and Medical Alert Systems—are proving their value by helping to fill this gap, extending the reach of caregivers, and enabling seniors to stay safe and independent at home between visits by family.

The growing ranks of seniors who choose to age in place, in their own  home greatly benefit from the protection provided by senior safety technology solutions, such as emergency response systems. And their families enjoy greater peace of mind knowing their loved one is still being watched over when they can’t be there.

In-home safety technology solutions, such as video monitoring, give even distant family members the opportunity to be involved in their loved one's elder care. The Family Caregiver Alliance says that an estimated 5.1 to 7 million Americans care for an older family member from a distance.

In-home care safety technology also:

  • Improves health outcomes, for instance, as it reminds seniors to take medicine. Failure to follow prescriptions is attributed to 30 percent of hospital admissions among people over age 65, while 40 percent of people entering nursing homes are unable to manage medications at home.
  • Provides seniors a quick way to get help in the event of falls or other emergencies when they are alone. Quick response lessens the extent of injury or illness and long-term effects. The Centers for Disease Control reports that more than one third of American adults 65 and older fall each year—and falls are the leading cause of death by injury for seniors.
  • Monitors the movements of persons who wander due to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related conditions. The Alzheimer’s Association reports that about 127,000 critical wandering incidents occur each year, in which seniors become lost, endangering their health and safety. Nearly half of wandering seniors not found within 24 hours become seriously injured or die.

* According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 65+ population increased eleven fold during the 20th century, compared to threefold for the entire population. The ratio of working age adults to senior care recipients is expected to drop 40 percent between 2010 and 2030.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) – Medical Alert Device

The Vital-Link PERS allows seniors to easily summon emergency help at home when a caregiver is not present. All it takes is a simple push of an emergency panic button on a console, or a medical alarm pendant or medic alert wrist band that can be worn for easy access. A response professional at Vital-Link’s 24-hour Emergency Monitoring Station will answer the call through the two-way PERS console, determine the nature of the call, dispatch help appropriate to the situation—an ambulance, neighbor, family or friend and stay on the line to reassure the senior until help arrives.

Medication Compliance Dispensing Systems

For those who find they may need just a little more help managing their medications, medication dispensing systems may be a useful tool. These devices release medication from secure cartridges to a locked drawer located at the bottom of the unit.

Research indicates that approximately 40% of people entering nursing homes do so because they are unable to self-medicate in their homes. In addition, 30% of all hospital admissions for people over age 65 are directly attributable to missed doses or overdoses.

If you have problems remembering to take your medications, or are working to manage a complicated medication regimen, consider a medication dispensing system.

Door and Window Sensors

These types of sensors may be programmed to signal a central station when a door or window is opened. They promote security for seniors as well as detect wandering of persons with dementia. When an alarm sounds, monitoring station personnel may alert people on the subscriber's responder list.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

In the event of fire or release of harmful, but odorless, carbon monoxide, these detectors signal the central monitoring station to dispatch the local fire department. The detectors also sound in the home.

Bedside Pressure Mats

When pressure is applied to them, these wireless floor mats send out an alarm in the home and may also be able to be central station monitored. The mats can be placed at bedside or other critical areas of the home and are ideal for monitoring the safety of people who are at risk of falling or wandering due to dementia.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring Center

The Vital-Link emergency monitoring center never sleeps. Our caring, professional operators are ready 24 hours a day to respond immediately to alarms.

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
  • Bedside Pressure Mats
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Medication Solutions

Ours is one of the few alarm monitoring companies to meet the exacting requirements to be rated and approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories and Factory Mutual. Our state-of-the-art emergency response technology enables our operators to continually monitor emergency calls and signals sent out from the Vital-Link Medical Alarm device. A backup power supply and multiple backup receivers ensure uninterrupted service. State-of-the-art computer automation our monitors immediate access to detailed information to inform emergency responders about subscribers’ medical conditions, age, preferred hospital or other special instructions.

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