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Testing the Alarm System


It is very important that you test your system and system transmitter on a regular basis.  It is recommended that you activate the system every day with the transmitter and reset it immediately to verify the transmitter is working.  This is especially important if you wear the transmitter in the shower or bath.

Do a Range Test and a Vital-Link Monitoring Center Test at least once a month and after any electrical storm with local lightning activity.

Call the Vital-Link Non Emergency Office during normal business hours if at any time the system does not test satisfactory.

It is recommended that a combination Telephone Line/AC Power surge protector be installed with the console in locations with frequent lightning activity.

Daily Transmitter Test

To verify that the transmitters are working, once each day while near the console activate the console using the transmitter and immediately reset the system by pressing the GREEN Power/Reset button.

Monthly Range Test

Press and hold the GREEN Power/Reset button.  When the button is first pressed the console buzzer will sound briefly and after 5 seconds the buzzer will sound a second time.  Release the button after the buzzer sounds the second time.  The system is now in the Range Test Mode.

The console buzzer will sound each time a signal is received from a Pendent or Wrist style transmitter.  Activate the transmitter from different locations within the living area making certain that the transmitter activates the system.  Check all transmitters included with the system.  If a transmitter will not activate the system from a location in the test mode it will not activate the system from that location in an emergency.  When the range tests are complete press the GREEN Power/Reset button briefly to reset the system.

The system will not call the Vital-Link Monitoring Center while in the Range Test Mode. 
If you forget to reset the system, the system will automatically reset from the Range Test Mode after a few minutes after you stop testing transmitters.

Monthly Vital-Link Monitoring Center Test

Prior to activating the system, ensure all phones are hung up at the residence.  Do not pick up any phones during the testing phase unless the phone rings.

Activate the system using the transmitter or by pressing the RED Emergency button.  The system will sound a six second loud buzzer to confirm it is reporting an emergency.  The RED Emergency button will flash as long as the system is reporting.

The system will dial the Vital-Link Monitoring Center and automatically connect and report the emergency.  This process typically takes between 45 and 75 seconds BUT could take as long as 180 seconds.

The system will then go to the voice standby mode and give a short chirp every 3 seconds until the Vital-Link Monitoring Center activates voice communications.  The RED Emergency button will continue to flash as long as the Vital-Link Monitoring Center is connected.

When voice communications are established the Vital-Link Monitoring Center will open up a microphone and ask if any help is needed.  The microphone works the same as a speakerphone so just identify yourself and simply tell the Vital-Link Monitoring Center that you are running a test.  If there is nothing further you need to ask the Vital-Link Monitoring Center then they will disconnect remotely or you may do the same by pressing the GREEN Power/Reset button.

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