Your service costs less than Philips-Lifeline and Life Alert. Why?

Thomas D., Bucks County, Pennsylvania

One way to answer this question would to have you ask Lifeline or Life Alert why they charge so much for the same kind of medical alarm system. We certainly can’t speak for Lifeline or Life Alert. That said, here are some possible answers. Lifeline is currently owned by Philips Electronics which is a international Dutch owned corporate conglomerate. This does not make them a bad company. It does however compel them to answer to a constituency that Vital-Link does not have to answer to … namely their shareholders … Lifeline is accountable to their shareholders with regard to the profit they make … remember Philips Lifeline is a publicly traded (shares can be bought and sold by any one who thinks Lifeline is a good investment) … more people would likely think they are a good investment provided that Lifeline demonstrates its profitability … the more money they charge, the more profit they make … maybe this makes them more attractive to investors. Maybe this is why they charge more for a similar kind of medical alert than does Vital-Link. We would encourage to call Lifeline and ask them to justify their charge for their medical alarm service.

Regarding Life Alert. They had in the past and may still have C. Everett Coop as a spokesperson. Dr. Coop is a former surgeon general of the United States. Truly an impressive spokesperson for Life Alert. We don’t know for sure … it is our assumption, however, that Dr. Coop is a paid spokesperson. We do not think he lends his name to Life Alert simply out of the kindness of his heart. We would encourage you to call Life Alert and ask if the endorsement by the former surgeon general is a paid endorsement. As with Lifeline we would also ask you to ask Life Alert to justify their charge for their “I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up” medical alarm.

Regarding Vital-Link’s charge for its medical alarm services. Vital-Link is a privately held (we don’t have to answer to shareholders) and family owned and managed business that was established in California in 1981 and then incorporated in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1986. Vital-Link is owned by Mark Weizer. One of the core values of our medical alarm company is that the people we have to answer to first is … you … our customer. Second we have to answer to our employees and our vendors. Third, Mark feels as though Vital-Link is entitled to make a profit. Apparently he is quite happy with the profitability of his medical alarm company that was established in 1981 … Mark would likely say that his long tenure in the medical alarm industry gives him … at least some … credibility when it comes to medical alarm issues … certainly as is relates to the pricing for these kinds of emergency response system services. So, Vital-Link does not have any high paid spokespeople or shareholders to answer to … we do have to answer to the social work, hospital and medical doctor community who frequently have our name on their personal emergency response system (PERS) provider list. Social workers and discharge planners from Ft. Myers, Florida to Seattle, Washington … Medical Doctors from Portland, ME to San Diego, California … In home nursing agencies from New York, New York to Portland, Oregon … Visiting Nurse associations from New Brunswick, NJ to Fresno, California may have Vital-Link on their medical alarm provider list.

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* Life Alert ® is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.
* Lifeline ® is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V


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