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Vial of Life Program

During an emergency it can sometimes be difficult for emergency medical technicians or paramedics to get the necessary information they need to deliver proper care in a quick and convenient manner. Important details may not be readily available or remain unknown as a result of the confusion that can result or if the patient is unable to speak to the emergency medical technicians.

Because of the possibility of this type of situation, Vital-Link is a proud sponsor of the Vial of Life program. The “Vial of Life” is a small packet that contains a form that lists you or your loved one’s relevant personal medical history information including any current health problems, medications being taken, a copy of you or your loved one’s last EKG, a living will (if one exists), and any “do not resuscitate” or DNR documentation (if you so choose). The “Vial” is then stored on your refrigerator and marked with the “Vial of Life” sticker. Another sticker is placed on your front door so that emergency medical personnel are aware that the “Vial” exists and they can retrieve it for complete medical information.

Vital-Link is pleased to provide our customers with the opportunity to create a “Vial of Life” for themselves so that paramedics and EMTs will have their current and relevant personal medical history information in case of an emergency. We include all necessary Vial of Life materials with our Personal Emergency Medical Alert Systems. If you would like to print out additional Vial of Life symbols to display around your household, click on the link below.

Medical Alert Systems and Vial of Life stickers, click here

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