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Sheree Weizer (1956-1995) – Co-Founder of Vital-LinkA Message From Vital-Link For Those Who Desire Independent Living.

Sheree Weizer (1956-1995)
Co-Founder of Vital-Link

1Our service, and the personal medical alarms that make it possible, are attributed to the hard work and dedication of Sheree Weizer who was my wife of 17 years before she passed away in 1995. Sheree suffered from the crippling effects of Multiple Sclerosis which impaired her mobility and forced her to use an electric scooter to move around. Eventually her vision became impaired, requiring her to employ visual aids to read. Although robbed of her body, Sheree still had a sharp mind and a strong spirit and was not only determined to live a safe and independent life but to help others do so as well. It was her commitment and dedication to provide a service that would allow people at risk to live with less fear.

It is my mission to continue my late wife’s legacy with the intensity and commitment that she brought to this company and more importantly, it’s client’s safety. My staff and I strive to provide you and your loved ones with the daily assurance that we are here for them and through our experience, capability, and caring touch we will help them to live safe, independent, and full lives. If you have elderly, disabled or aging parents … who desire senior independent living … Vital-Link can provide in home personal medical alarms that can make the difference.

My name is Mark Weizer and I would be happy to personally discuss Vital-Link and the service we provide to maintain the safety of you or your loved ones. I can be reached via email at mark@avitallink.com or by phone at 800-338-4825.

Medical Alarms have allowed Vital-Link, a family owned and operated company since 1981, to be dedicated to providing senior citizens, those physically challenged, those recovering from surgery or accidents, and people living alone with the reassurance of knowing that help is just a push of a button away. We are committed to helping you or your loved ones feel safe and secure in the home, maintaining active and independent lives, and enjoying the freedom to engage in all normal activities around the house or on the go.

Mark Weizer
Owner & Co-Founder

The Vital-Link Customer Commitment


Greetings, my name is Mark Weizer and along with my wife Sheree started Vital-Link in Montgomery County, PA. Vital-Link is committed to the general concept of senior s

afety. We are committed to keeping you safe, providing peace of mind to you and your love ones, keeping you in your own home or apartment for as long as is safely possible and helping you maintain your independen

ce and dignity simply by providing medical alarm service that would allow you to get help … just by pressing the Vital-Link medical alert button…


There are many choices of medical alarm providers … take your time to check out our website … as well as our competitors … we hope after careful consideration … you’ll choose Vital-Link.



-Mark Weizer

Need Help Deciding?

Request a brochure or a phone call from a Vital-Link Safety Specialist to discuss what technology will best fit your loved ones needs.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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