• Is the Vital-Link Medical Alarm Service available where I live?

    We provide emergency medical alarm services across the entire country.


  • What is your return policy?

    Thirty days … no questions asked. If for any reason … you choose to cancel your medical alarm service within 30 days … just give us a call and we will handle the logistics. Upon receipt of the equipment you will be issued a refund minus any return shipping charges. 121

  • What information is needed to order the Vital-Link medical alarm service?

    Ordering the Vital-Link medical alarm service is quite simple. The data we need is:

      The name, complete address (street name and number, apt # if applicable, city, state and zip code) and the land line phone number of the person who will be using the medical alert at the above address. We will also need your response protocol. The names and phone numbers (other than 911) of the people who you want us to call and the order in which you would like them called. Aside from EMS (the paramedics where you live), you may have as many as four people and each of those people can have up to four phone numbers (home, cell, work and another alternate number if needed)
      This data may be supplied at your discretion. We think it may be important, at the time when the medical alert pendant is activated, to have the following data: Your date of birth, your doctor’s name and phone number, the closest hospital, your drug allergies and the medical issues that may be important for the paramedics to know about at the time of a medical emergency.  As said before, this data is OPTIONAL. Please rest assured that Vital-Link will protect all of your data and WE WILL NEVER IN ANY WAY SELL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYBODY. As a courtesy we can also provide you Vial of Life form and stickers so that the paramedics can have a hard copy of your important medical data to take with them if you need to be transported to the hospital.


  • How do I sign up for the Vital-Link medical alarm service?

    If you choose you may order our medical alarm service via this website or by calling our toll-free number: 1-800-33-VITAL (1-800-338-4825). Our customer service department is open to take orders and handle all other NON EMERGENCY matters – Monday thru Friday, 9AM – 5PM eastern. This makes us a little bit different … and we would humbly suggest … a little bit better than many of the other providers of medical alert systems and services. The reason is rather simple … it is our belief that if you are able to place an order at 2am with one of our competitors … the person who is taking that order, likely has to respond to an actual medical alarm as one of their other responsibilities. We are not willing to take that chance … the chance between being distracted by taking an order versus handling a medical alert activation … is something we will not do. We know we may lose an order here or there … but we sleep better knowing that 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year … our emergency personnel have only one job … and that is to respond to your medical alarm … without any distraction. Of course, you can always place your order  24 hours a day via this website. 125

  • What kind of phone service do I need for the Vital-Link Medical Alert system?

    We strongly suggest that you use what’s commonly known as POTS phone line (which stands for Plain Old Telephone Service). You must have a land line … the Vital-Link medical alarm service will not work with cellular phones … from a nationwide provider of phone service for the Vital-Link medical alarm system. Please understand that any phone line or phone service can have service issues and times when the phone lines are out of service. It remains our opinion that regular landline service is more reliable than any other phone service. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Some phone services, including but not limited to VOIP (voice over internet protocol), DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and others telephone technology make these medical alarms somewhat less reliable than Plain Old Telephone Service landline. While any phone line is subject to service interruptions and outages, plain old landlines are the most reliable. WARNING: Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service may not be as reliable or consistent as a standard land line. The statistic we hear thrown around is that VOIP should work up to 90% of the time. In our view the most reliable way to use our alarms is in conjunction with a POTS line. That said, as long as you know the trade off, prior to making a decision regarding Vital-Link ... it may be better to have some kind of medical alarm ... than none at all. Of
    course, after careful consideration on your part, the choice is always
    yours. 127

  • How far will the of Medical Alert Button reach?

    Contrary to claims made by other medical alarm companies … the honest answer to this question is … IT DEPENDS. It depends on many factors such as where you live (big city, small town or very rural area). In general the farther away you are from big cities the better the range. It would be quite easy to say the range of our transmitters (the fancy word for the button that is pressed) is UP TO 1000 feet. Easy to say … but very misleading because of those two very small words “up to”. You’ll see “up to” a lot … when “up to” is used to define range … it let’s the company that makes that claim off the hook. In reality the range of our transmitters or any of our competitor’s transmitters cannot be accurately determined until a Range Test is done at the actual location the medical alarm system is used. Here at Vital-Link we strongly suggest you do what we call a range test.  This simply means you take the medical alert button to all locations on your property and press it. If the system gets activated then you know it works where you tested it. There is no other way to say definitively how far the button will reach … none. The range of the Vital-Link transmitters is influenced by factors other than simply where you live, such as other radio frequency interference and what your house is made of. 204

  • Does Vital-Link own its monitoring centers?

    Vital-Link partners with two emergency monitoring centers one is located in the mid-west the other is located in the south.

  • Do I have to pay my monthly bill using a credit card?

    Only if you choose! At Vital-Link we don’t think we should force our subscribers to pay their bill any one way. If you would like …we will send you bill in the mail … after all, you are trusting us to protect your well being or the well being of someone you love … we think you should be trusted to send us a check. However, if you prefer to have your credit card charged automatically every month … we can do that. If you prefer to have the money automatically withdrawn from your checking account … we can do that as well. We think the choice should be yours … not dictated by us. 208

  • How long will it take for the Medical Alert System to arrive?

    Vital-Link will ship your system within 2 business days. All systems are shipped using Federal Express Ground Service at no charge to you. There are no shipping or handling charges unless you require Next day or 2nd day FedEx Express service. If so, please call us at 1-800-338-4825 for an exact quote for expedited shipping. 210

  • What about installation of the Vital-Link Medical Alarm System?

    Actually, the term “INSTALLATION” way overstates what actually needs to be done. PLUG IN is a more appropriate term. The Vital-Link medical alarm system is not only easy to use … it is easy to PLUG IN. In words, this is how the medical alert console gets plugged in. Out of the back of the Vital-Link Console there will be a telephone wire which gets plugged in to the phone jack at the wall. The phone wire that was in that phone jack will get plugged into the back of the Vital-Link Console. Lastly, the Vital-Link Console gets plugged in to an electrical outlet (that cannot be turned off by any switches on the wall). THAT’S IT! You don’t need a screw driver or even a piece of tape. Everything that is needed comes complete with the Vital-Link Medical Alarm. Of course we would be available to help you plug in your system … if needed.

  • Can both of us use the Medical Alarm Service in our house?

    Of course you can. There is no additional monthly charge for any other people living in the same home. 214

  • How can I wear my Medical Alert Button?

    You have two choices. You can choose the medical alert pendant, which would be worn around your neck. The pendant comes with a breakaway chain to address the issue of choking hazard. Also, we think the pendant style medical alert button offers a very slight safety advantage … when worn as a pendant, the button is in the middle of your body … so that in the event of a fall or neurologic event that affects one side of your body … you may still have the other side (arm) available to you to press the button. Or, you may choose the wrist style medical alert bracelet which would be worn on your wrist as a wrist band.

  • Do I have to wear my Medical Alert Panic Button all of the time, even in the bath or shower?

    Well, we think your should wear the button all the time. Nobody knows when a fall or an illness is going to occur … so it’s best to where it always. This question speaks, really to the issue of compliance. If you are not going to be committed to wearing this type of senior safety device such as a medical alarm button, do you really think it is a good idea to have one of these?

  • Who provides maintenance and is there a cost?

    Vital- Link will repair or replace any of our equipment that is not working properly including battery issues. There are NEVER any charges for service. Our medical alarm console as well as the medical alert button (pendant style or medical alert bracelet style) comes with an unconditional lifetime repair or replacement warranty. With no charge to you … ever.

  • How do you handle refunds and termination of service?

    For the 1st 30 days, Vital-Link has a no questions asked full refund policy. So as long as you return the equipment to us within 30 days (you are responsible for the cost of shipping it back to Vital-Link) we will issue a full refund. After the first 30 days and before the 90th day … if you need to cancel service there would be no refund. If however, you have paid in advance, after the initial 3 month commitment and need to terminate your Vital-Link service, we will issue a pro rata refund for the unused portion of the service. The pro rata refund will be based upon the date we receive the equipment back. There are no fees associated with termination. The way to terminate the service is very simple … simply send back the Vital-Link equipment. Upon receipt of the equipment your service will be terminated. No hassle … no charge. The only cost you will incur is the cost to send the Vital-Link equipment back. You don’t need to call us to terminate the service but if you have any questions or need help in any regard. Please give us a call at 1-800-33-VITAL (1-800-338-4825) 222

  • How do the paramedics gain entry to my home at the time of a medical emergency?

    In a perfect world, at the time of an emergency, after emergency medical services are dispatched … the 1st responder on the list would be called … they would be home and they would let the emergency personnel in to your house. That said, we all know the idea of a perfect world is somewhat faulty … so you have a few options. You can purchase a Lock Box which will securely hold your keys. You may purchase a lock box from Vital-Link or any hardware or Big Box store. Vital-Link will only give the combination to that lock box to the emergency personnel. Or, you can safely hide a key outside your home and Vital-Link will only disclose its location at the time of a medical emergency. Or, you can do nothing. If no key is available at the time of an emergency … the EMT’s will force entry (break thru a window or door) to gain access to you. It should be noted that forced entry is relatively rare. There is no right or wrong decision here … you pick the solution the feels right for you. By our statistics, most of our subscribers do not get a lock box or hide a key. The thought process appears to be this … since forced entry is unlikely, why incur the expense of a lock box OR take the chance of hiding a key … the rationale being … whenever a key is placed outside the home … to at least some extent the security of your home is compromised. Since the likelihood of forced entry is rare … most people take the chance that they MAY have to replace a piece of glass or fix a door. As always the choice is yours. 224

  • I live in Michigan during the summer and Arizona in the winter, can the Vital-Link be moved and at what cost?

    Of course you can take the system with you … and there is no charge. You can take the system with you any where in the United States. You can change your address up to 4 times per year. If you think you will need to be moving the system more than 4 times in a year we respectfully suggest that you find a medical alert system company that would be willing to do this for you. Be sure to ask the other providers their policy about moving the system frequently. All address changes must be made in writing, email ([email protected]) or toll free fax 1-888-292-3121. The reason for this requirement is quite simple … when the address change is put in writing, all parties have a copy of the change and there can never be any dispute as what was communicated. If changes were to be accepted via phone … no documentation exists. To make any modifications to your data simply send us an email ([email protected]) … this way you will immediately have a receipt in your sent folder AND upon completion of the data modification we will reply to your email to confirm your changes … when done this way … there may never be any misunderstandings as to who said what, etc. This method of changing data holds all parties accountable for the accuracy of the change. You may use our toll free fax # (1-888-292-3121) to modify your medical alarm response data. Data modifications are considered a non emergency function and can only be accomplished during our normal business hours (Monday – Friday - 9am-5pm eastern). Please allow 1 business day for confirmation of any changes. 226

  • What happens if my phone is off the hook or in use at the time of an emergency?

    The short answer is this … if your phone is off the hook, if your phone is in use, if your phone bill has not been paid and your telephone service has been turned off, if the telephone lines have been disrupted in any way between your home and our emergency monitoring center the Vital-Link medical alert system will not work. Said another way … the phone lines are critical to the proper function of any medical alarm system … if the phone lines are down … these systems will not work.

    However, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of system failure due to phone line issues. You can have your local phone company install a “line seizure” phone jack (also know as an RJ31X jack). The proper installation of this type of phone jack will allow for an alarm signal to be transmitted even if the phones are in use or off the hook. Please call us a 1-800-338-4825 to let us know that you are having a line seizure jack installed so that we can provide the proper connection to the line seizure jack. We will be happy to provide these connections at no charge. Please consult with your local phone company regarding the cost to install a RJ31X line seizure jack … the charge should be a one time charge from your local phone provider with no additional monthly increase in your phone bill. Another alternative to handle help reduce phone line issues is to have a dedicated phone line that’s sole purpose is for use by the Vital-Link medical alarm system. 228

  • How much does it cost?

    A: The medical alert system and monitoring costs only $22.00 per month, $24.00 per month or $26.00 per month … depending on which pricing plan you choose. 230

  • What is your risk-free trial?

    We're so confident you'll love the sense of security and safety our medical alert system provides, we offer a risk-free 30-day trial. If after 30 days you can bear to part with it, simply return the system for a full refund minus the shipping cost to return the system. 232

  • What happens if I lose power?

    The medical alert system features a back-up battery that will operate your system for twelve hours. 234

  • Will it work from my yard?

    The range of the transmitter varies depending upon the location of the base unit and the outside construction materials of the home. In most cases the unit will operate up to 300 feet from the base unit. 236

  • How often does the Medical Alert System need to be serviced? Who will provide the service?

    Your medical system requires no routine servicing. Should the system require service we will Fed Ex a new medical alert system to you immediately.

  • How often should I test my Medical Alert System?

    Your medical system should be tested monthly. Test instructions are included in the information delivered with the system.

  • How large is the Medical Alert Pendant?

    The pendant is relatively small (a little bit larger than a quarter but smaller than a half dollar) and they weigh about ¾ of an ounce. We also have a wrist type button. 242

  • Can I use my Medical Alert Pendant or wrist button the shower?

    Yes. The transmitter is waterproof and designed to operate in the shower. 244

  • Does the Medical Alarm System come with a guarantee/warranty?

    The equipment comes with an unconditional warranty on parts, labor and service. Repairs are free unless the unit or transmitter is lost. 246

  • What happens if I drop it?

    If you drop the medical alert pendant it should be tested immediately to verify the unit is working properly. 248

  • How do I get started?

    Just fill out the order form.