Medical Alert Systems, Forced Entry, & Lock Boxes

Medical Alert Systems are not only designed to get people help but to alleviate some anxiety about getting help if one cannot respond.  While these life alert devices help reduce anxiety on the one hand, for some people they increase anxiety with regard to how the...

Medical Alert Systems: Three Tips For Choosing Wisely

Medical alert systems and the associated choices that need to be made can be quite intimidating for your elderly loved ones.  There are many companies out there, some are very good and reputable and some are far from it.  Someone not versed in the intricacies of this...

Long Term Care Insurance. Considerations?

The news isn’t good. According to some experts, long-term care insurance, around in various forms since the 1970s, is too risky and too expensive for most people. But there are even more sobering facts. By 2020, one in every six Americans will be 65 or older, and by...

Some Nutritional Factors relating to Elder Safety

A common nutritional problem that can affect care recipients in poor health is cachexia-anorexia and it especially involves those in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, Cancer and AIDS. Cachexia-anorexia is a syndrome in which progressive and involuntary weight loss...

Some Practical Matters to Consider Regarding Senior Safety

If you are caring for an elderly loved one at home, you should make them as comfortable and safe as possible. This can reduce stress for you, as well as, your loved-one. The more secure your loved-one feels, the less the likelihood of them becoming confused,...

Medical Alarms an Attempt to be Objective

How do PERS Systems (Medical Alert System) work in general? How it works is quite simple, involving only three components: a small radio transmitter (a light-weight, battery-powered “help” button that can be carried on a belt or in a pocket, or worn by the user on a...

Medication Management Tips

Statistics: 1.8 billion prescription medications dispensed annually in U.S. Nearly 75% of Americans do not take their medications as prescribed Causes 125,000 deaths per year Accounts for 10% of all hospital admissions Direct result of 23% of new admissions to...

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