Most of us never think about home modifications or medical alert buttons until a broken hip, severe arthritis, surgery or some other limitation forces the issue on us.  Home modification and other safety systems like the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” thing, means adapting the environment in order to make performing tasks easier, reducing accidents, supporting independent living and keeping yourself safe with a medical alert device.Seniors are especially vulnerable to injuries from falls and burns in homes not designed for their needs.  Fortunately, there are ways to prevent many of these accidents, as well as to fix physical barriers to aging safely at home.

Consider the following:

  • If you develop problems with mobility or balance, how would you safely manage the steps inside and outside of your home?
  • If your vision is decreasing, how would you ensure easy use of your appliances?
  • Remembering to take medications can be difficult because of our busy lives.  What special aides can help?
  • Can you hear the doorbell and telephone?
  • How can you ensure safety in bathing?

Many social workers, nurses, and occupational and physical therapists are trained to review your home for dangers and suggest ways to help.  These modifications can make the difference between being able to remain at home or moving into a nursing home.

Visual aids
Like large buttons on telephones, “talking” watches and improved lighting – for those with impaired eyesight. Portable ramps and railings, among other adaptations to help seniors remain in their homes.

Often home modifications can improve the well being of those who want to stay in their homes.

Some suggestions modifications like a sturdy commode and walker for each floor and an upstairs microwave and mini-refrigerator.  Commodes can be tastefully established in emptied closets or blocked by screens to help the elderly live with dignity on the main floor.

Medical Alarm Systems
These medical alarm/alert systems are simple and relatively inexpensive. They help seniors safely stay at home longer with a feeling of security and independence, knowing they can get help with the simple press of a emergency response button.

Things to Consider in addition to home modifications
Medical alert devices or medical alarms or the “I’ve fallen and Can’t Get Up” thing … no matter what you call these emergency medical alarm buttons … they do not prevent falls. However, given this discussion regarding home modifications, the question that still remains is … “What else can be done to help keep seniors safe at home?” One possible answer is to consider subscribing to a Personal Emergency Response System Service such as Vital-Link. Click here to learn more about the Vital-Link Emergency Response Medical Alarms.


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