NJ Web Site Design Copyright

NJ Web Site Design Copyright

Web Site Design & Development Copyright Statement:

All website design work, development, content, scripting and individual elements (to include, but not limited to: eCommerce, Logos, Brochures, Hosting, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Shopping Carts, Flash Animation) are protected under copyright by either The Manna Group, LLC (of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey) or The XXXXXXXXXXXXX, NJ (of Glassboro, NJ), or both. This website has been designed and developed by The Manna Group, LLC a website, graphic design and web marketing company on behalf of its client: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx.

The owner of the design copyright of this website: The Manna Group, LLC, The City of Mt. Laurel

Web Site Content Copyright Statement:

All website copy, photographs, diagrams and other content is protected under copyright. All content and elements of this website are held under copyright by the site owner. Reproduction of any material on this site for resale or other profitable purposes is absolutely forbidden.

Web Site Owner:

This website ( http://XXXXXXXXX.com/ ) is owned by the XXXXXXXXXXXXX, Glassboro, NJ

Web Site Maintenance and Functionality:

The functionality and web site maintenance of this site is handled by The Manna Group, LLC. While it is our goal to launch web sites that are flawless in programming, we realize that technical problems do occur. Often this is due to the differences in internet browser compatibilities. Should you have any difficulties with this web site’s functionality, please contact the webmaster.


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