Part of my role as Vice President of Vital-Link is to scout out the top competition when searching specific terms on Google.  To my surprise, one of the top showers on the organic side of Google search results is Amazon.  As I am tasked to do with all of our competition, I took some time to review what Amazon offers in the medical alert industry.

Let me preface my findings by saying I am a thirty-five-year-old quasi millennial who LOVES Amazon.  I find the ease with which their platform is accessed flat out remarkable.  Their shipping is reliable, and their customer service, in my experience, is first class. Amazon’s signature “Prime” service provides immense value to the consumer.

Unfortunately, Amazon in regards to medical alert systems, are only provided by third-party companies.  Upon reviewing the top offers, I have found many of the sellers to be unknowns in the PERS industry.  Some sellers have terms of service that are ambiguous, and there is often a large upfront charge (sometimes a charge for equipment).  We would caution any consumer to be wary of companies that charge for equipment, whether that be one selling on Amazon or anywhere else.

Make sure when doing your medical alert research on Amazon you take the time to check out the company who is providing the service.

Best of luck in your quest to find the optimal medical alert button for yourself or a loved one.  We hope you after careful deliberation that you choose Vital-Link!

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