General Home Safety Tips For Seniors

As our loved ones age increases, so does their risk for falling in their home.  At Vital-Link we feel very strongly about the benefit of a medical alert system, but there are many other smaller things that can be done to help mitigate the risk of falls.  Here are some...

My Dad – by Vital-Link President Mark Weizer

The medical alert industry will forever be linked to the catchphrase “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”  So, while we are living in bad TV slogan nostalgia-world let me channel the Hair Club for Men slogan which aptly describes my relationship with Vital-Link; “I’m not...

Walmart Medical Alert Systems, Really?

Walmart medical alert systems are actually a real thing. Most of us in the medical alert system arena find it quite weird Walmart actually provides bonafide medical alert devices. So we did a little bit of research combined with a field trip and randomly picked three...

“Can I wear my alarm button in the shower?”

The title of this blog is a question that is asked so often by people considering a medical alert system.  The answer is a resounding YES.   Preventing senior falls starts in the bathroom where it is estimated over 75% of falls occur for adults over the age of...

Medical Alert Systems Review Websites, Trustworthy?

When searching for a medical alert system for a senior, one will often stumble upon a number of websites that claim to be an unbiased source for medic alert system information. Our research seems to indicate otherwise. It seems as though most of these sites only...

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