Medical Alert systems for the elderly residents of California do no always do what is in the best interest of California’s seniors. Those seniors at risk for falls or who are brittle diabetics that still have a landline can avail themselves of the most reliable medic alert technology available. That technology would be a life alert type device that operated via their home phone line. These kinds of medical alert systems will only work in and around the house. They will not work when your elderly loved one is away from their home.

For those that do not have a landline, a cellular medical alert system will still keep the elderly safe while at home but will not cover those older Californian’s that travel or could get into medical trouble away from home. The more important consideration for at risk senior Californians is cell coverage. There are many areas in the state that do not have adequate cell coverage. When there is not adequate cell coverage, the medical alert alarm signal may not ever be received by the monitoring center. Please check to make sure there is adequate cell coverage in your area. To find out if your area has proper cellular capacity, please check out this cellular coverage map.

Mobile medical alert systems in California are now available for senior safety. These medic alert devices are both awesome and problematic at the same time. The nice thing about the mobile lifeline systems is that they work at home and on the go. The problem, however, is that life alert systems that can be taken anywhere, require two technologies that must work in concert with each other. These devices must “see” the GPS satellites as well as communicate with the local cell towers. On cloudy days or in dense urban environments, both the GPS satellites and the local cell towers must be in communication with the mobile medical alert. If one or both are not communicating with the mobile life alert system, it is likely that an accurate location detection will not be available.

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