The aging process can be difficult for families. Children must watch as their elderly parents lose the ability to care for themselves and accomplish everyday tasks. While some elderly individuals can accept the limitations of age, others fiercely attempt to cling to their independence. It seems inevitable, however, that one day the parent will become the child and the child will become the parent.

Medical Care

A variety of medical problems can affect the elderly, including cardiovascular problems, cancer, arthritis, heart disease and other physical impairments. Caring for elderly parents who have medical problems can be a challenge. A caregiver may have to administer medications and provide transportation to and from many doctor appointments.  A caregiver facing this situation should realistically gauge his ability to meet the demands associated with caring for elderly parents who are ill. In some cases, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of a nurse.


Caring for elderly parents often includes presiding over their business and financial affairs. A caregiver may have to pay the bills, keep up with financial records and fill out forms and applications for her elderly parents. While this is often carried out informally, an elderly individual can decide to award power of attorney to a child who serves as his caretaker. Power of attorney gives the designated individual legal authority to preside over another person’s business affairs and transactions.


Caring for elderly parents usually involves cooking, cleaning and attending to their physical needs. As a result, many caregivers neglect their own health and become physically and mentally exhausted. Some caregivers ultimately quit their jobs or reduce their work hours to care for their elderly parents. The loss of or reduction in income can cause additional financial stress.

Caring for elderly parents may also cause a caregiver to neglect her own household. This may lead to tension between the caregiver and his spouse or children. The stress from caring for elderly parents can become overwhelming for caregivers who are often trying to maintain two households.


Communication is a very important aspect of caring for elderly parents. It is not uncommon for elderly individuals to become angry or depressed after losing their independence. They may speak harshly to or refuse to cooperate with their caregiver. Caregivers should try to have patience with their elderly parents and keep in mind that losing one’s independence can be frustrating. Talking with your elderly parents about their concerns and wishes and remaining open and honest can help to keep the relationship strong.

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