How to Set Up a Vital-Link in Your Loved One's Home

Scammers are everywhere. The place we see them most frequently is in the credit and debit card arena. The senior, elderly and disabled communities seem to draw the attention of these scam artists. Not a day goes by that we don’t receive a call that opens up with either “my credit card has been hacked”, “my card number has been compromised” or “my credit card was lost or stolen”. From a medical alert device provider’s perspective, our job is to protect all of our subscriber’s data which includes credit and debit card numbers. While there are many factors, rules, and laws that govern the best and required practices regarding the protection of credit card data, there is one that is frequently ignored. That is the choice of the credit card processor. The integrity of the chosen processor and the systems it uses to protect the consumer against credit card fraud is cannot be understated. That is why we use Servistree.

Servistree Merchant Services is a leader and innovator in the payment processing and financial services industry. The company is based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and has been in business since 2009. 

Servistree handles business in any sector and any industry with a specialized focus on private pay medical businesses such as Medical Alert System Companies, Veterinary, Dental, Plastic Surgery, and Business to Business credit card processing systems.

The purpose and mission of the company are to be of service when their clients need them most. Servistree provides a variety of business services with one point of contact allowing them to achieve the highest level of service and customer satisfaction throughout the credit card processing industry. 

The company provides systems that allow its clients to automatically solicit customer feedback at the point of payment. They help business owners reduce their costs to process payments, generate reviews, and speed up collection methods with digital invoices. For more information about Servistree and their merchant service solutions call or text 866-944-3244 or contact them today. 


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