By way of introduction, Vital-Link came in to existence in 1981 and is likely the largest, continuously run, family owned medical alert system provider in the United States. As of this date, almost all of our work comes to us thru doctors, hospitals, social service agencies, discharge planners, visiting nurses associations, word of mouth and existing subscriber referrals. Currently at Vital-Link we are doing almost no advertising and finding us via an internet search is very difficult. We like to think of ourselves as a boutique provider of medical alert systems and services. We offer competitive pricing along with unparalleled customer service. This makes us quite proud.

When we started in 1981, the internet was not a viable business tool. The internet to promote commerce really started at the turn of the 21st century. That is when this industry may have taken a turn that impacted adversely on the elderly and at risk seniors.

For purposes of this post, let’s define medical alert system internet marketers as those entities who have profit as their primary reason to be in this business. To be clear, profit is not a bad thing, However, when profit is put before senior safety, your elderly dad may not get the best medic alert response. This may not be intentional but it is likely a necessary consequence. The reason why seems apparent, at least to those of us that do not rely on spending lots of money on advertising.

When searching for medical alert systems, no matter what search engine you might use, when you get your search result, the first thing that is usually seen are the advertisements. At the risk of sounding snarky, those ads are not free. It has been said that those companies that advertise may pay $300.00 or more to acquire a customer. These companies must still pay their sales staff, pay taxes, pay for insurance, pay to keep the lights on and the phone lines open. We are pretty sure there is not a lot of money left to provide excellent customer service.

To find a good provider for medical alarm systems try to stay local. Since there has been some consolidation in the medical alert arena, finding a good local provider can be difficult. One way to find a medical alert system company that is geographically close to you is to do a search that has some kind of geographical reference. By way of example, you could do a search for “New Jersey Medical Alert Systems”, anticipating that the search results will provide an appropriate result. You could get a tad more specific and search for “Middlesex County New Jersey Medical Alert Systems”. And if you wanted to tighten your search even more, uses a specific city or town, such as “New Brunswick New Jersey Medical Alert Systems”.

For more information on Medical Alert Systems please call Vital-Link at 1-800-338-4825.


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