A Vital-Link emergency medical alert device helps to keep you connected while you are home.

The Vital-Link medical alarm is a device that can and should be worn 24 hours a day. If you have an emergency, this type of medical alert device can get you help … simply by pressing the button … which can then connect you to our 24 hour emergency response monitoring center … without having to get to any kind of phone.

Will your cell phone meet this need at the time of a medical emergency?Sure cell phones are convenient … so are medical alarm devices. They are light and easy to wear around your neck or on your wrist that has one large button to press … which then begins the process of getting you help. You can’t really wear a cell phone. The Vital-Link emergency response button is meant  to be taken in the shower or in the bath. You can’t really do that with a cell phone. If the Vital-Link medical alarm button is worn at all times it is much more accessible than a cell phone … once again you can’t really take a cell phone in the shower … and your cell phone may not be very accessible if you slip in the bath tub.Cell phones need to be charged from time to time … usually while they are being charged, they cannot be on your body … the Vital-Link medical alarm button can and should always be worn (even in the shower or bath). Just by pressing one button … you can be in touch with our highly trained emergency medical alarm monitors who can then access your emergency medical alarm data. Which can then be provided to the emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) who may then be dispatched with some knowledge about you. This type of medical alert device can keep you in touch … without you ever having to get to any kind of phone.

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