Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Systems are not only designed to get people help but to alleviate some anxiety about getting help if one cannot respond.  While these life alert devices help reduce anxiety on the one hand, for some people they increase anxiety with regard to how the paramedics will gain entry.

After an elderly person presses their panic button, Vital-Link tries to establish communication via the two way component of the medic alert device. They have told our monitoring station that they are experiencing chest pain and to call the paramedics.  Within minutes the paramedics are on their way to help but what happens when they arrive at the residence?  How are they going to get into the home?

Perhaps you live close by or maybe the neighbors have a key and could let them in but what if they are unavailable at the time of the emergency?  If no one is there to let the paramedics in they will use forced entry.  The cost of replacing a door or window can be quite high.  A much cheaper and safer alternative is a lock box.

A lock box is a padlock-shaped box that hangs around the doorknob of the house and holds a house key.  The key is secured with a secure four-digit code that would be given to paramedics in the event of an emergency.  Understandably, emergency medical services cannot afford to waste any time waiting for a key to arrive. A lock box provides peace of mind for an elderly senior with a Medical Alert System that their home will not be forcibly entered


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