Medical Alert Systems that are used by residents of sparsely populated states like Wyoming and Montana have some unique issues that need to be considered. Outside of major towns, in rural and less densely populated areas, cellular signal is less reliable.  Mobile GPS tracking will also be severely impaired by a poor cell signal.  Therefore, for people who live in states like Montana & Wyoming, Vital-Link believes the most reliable system for the medical alert industry remains the landline system.

In general, a landline medical alert system is the way to go for residents of less densely populated states such as Wyoming & Montana.   Landline medical alert systems are connected via the phone line in the exact way that an old-fashioned answering machine is connected.

A landline life alert button can be worn either around the neck or around the wrist.  This device can and SHOULD be worn in the shower as the shower is where as many as 80% of falls occur.  The panic button has a range of up to 1000 feet which is generally plenty sufficient for the vast majority of living arrangements.

Another thing people from Wyoming & Montana have to consider when thinking about medical alert systems is how they want to customize their response protocol.  The response protocol is how Vital-Link gets the subscriber help in the event of an emergency.  It is determined by the subscriber and his/her loved ones and involves an EMS phone number in addition to a list of responders.  Vital-Link recommends that EMS is called first because these systems are about safety and this is the safest option.

Lastly, the landline medic alert technology is the least expensive system on the market.  Many medical alert companies these days are aggressively pushing less reliable systems at the expense of the safety of their customers to maximize their profits.  We still want people to choose Vital-Link, but we only want people to pay for the technology they need.  For the majority of the seniors of Wyoming & Montana a landline medical alert system will completely need their needs.


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