“Mom needs an senior alert button…” says your brother or sister.  Most often children of aging parents are not only “good kids”, they are in general very competent people.  However, this may be extremely hard to grasp for a strong willed, defiant senior.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), approximately 40% of seniors over the age of 70 will fall every year.  As one would expect, the likelihood of falls only increases as our loved ones get older.

Vital-Link knows how stressful it is when a loved one gets older.  Here are some tips for discussing your loved ones need for a medical alert system.

  • Remember they are still the parent.  Taking an authoritative angle at this discussion will not likely yield your desired result.  Treat mom or dad with respect and do not make them feel helpless or like a child.
  • Do not give them an ultimatum.  Approaching them with a threat such as “wear this or you cannot live at home anymore” will be counter-productive.  Use a more suggestion based approached. Be sure to reassure them that you are trying to keep them safe, independent, and living in their home.
  • Convey your concern for mom or dad with a rational argument.  Ask them the question do you worry about me?  Of course their answer will be yes.  Explain to them how you now worry about them and how it would be a great relief of worry if they would agree to a medic alert device.  Tell them this device is like a seat belt… we still buckle up even though we hope to never need the seat-belt.
  • At the end of the day… respect their wishes.  Medical alert systems will not work if the user refuses to wear the panic button. If mom or dad will leave the transmitter on the kitchen table instead of wearing it they will not get help in the event an emergency.

For more information or senior resources please call us at 1-800-338-4825 or fill out the form below.  Thank you for considering Vital-Link.



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