In searching for a medical alert bracelet for an elderly member of my family, I have noticed that a few of your competitors claim to have been endorsed in some way by AARP and one of them claims to have the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Is Vital-Link endorsed by either AARP or Good Housekeeping?

From Robert W.,  Terre Haute, Indiana

We would like to be very clear about this … Vital-Link has not been endorsed by either AARP or Good Housekeeping. With regard to our competitors claims about such endorsements, as always, our suggestion would be to call those medical alarm companies and ask them to provide documentation about their medical alert systems being endorsed by either AARP or Good Housekeeping. If the endorsements are real these emergency response system companies should easily be able to send you verification that their emergency response system has indeed received the endorsements. The verification would likely come from articles published about medical alarm systems in these respective journals. Take the time and call those PERS companies that make these claims about their medical alert bracelets, medical alarm pendants and emergency alert systems and ask them to send you a copy of the article that indicates that their medical alert devices have received their endorsement.

Let’s now enter the grey zone regarding endorsements in general. We certainly don’t know for sure … but we have a sneaking suspicion that endorsements from organizations  for any type of medical alert necklace (be it called a lifeline device or first alert alarm) … probably does not come without some form of compensation from the medical alarm company to the company that is making the endorsement. If this assertion is accurate and the endorsement is “paid” for … can you really trust it? As said before, take the time and call those personal emergency response system (PERS) companies that make these claims and ask for verification. If the claims are real … verification should be easy for our fine medical alarm competitors to provide. By the way, if our assertion about compensation for such endorsements is not correct … we will gladly make the appropriate retraction. Please click here for more information about how the Vital-Link medical monitoring alarm system might work for your loved one.

* AARP® and its Logo are Registered Trademarks of American Association of Retired Person.
* Good Housekeeping ® is likely a registered trademark of  Good Housekeeping .

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