How to Set Up a Vital-Link in Your Loved One's Home

One of the concerns that some individuals may have about owning fall alert systems is accidental triggers. The last thing these individuals want is to have a storm of paramedics showing up at their homes. Luckily, Vital Link has a few safety measures put into place to avoid these situations. Here’s what you need to know about what happens if you accidentally trigger your fall alert.

Representatives are Contacted

One of the first things that happen when you trigger your fall alert system is that it contacts representatives. These representatives work with Vital Alert and have access to the specific response information you submitted before receiving your fall alert system.

They’ll ask you if you’re having an emergency. At this point, you can tell them that it was an accident. They’ll cancel the alert and everything is fine.

Make Your Friends or Family Your Immediate Contacts

Another step that the representatives can take is to contact your friends or family immediately. This is per the safety response you establish while purchasing medical life alert in New York from Vital Link.

A way to avoid a response from paramedics is to first have the representative contact your friends or family. They’ll be able to check on you or ensure the representative that you’re okay.

This is especially important to set up if you’re unable to speak with the representative yourself. if your response isn’t heard or unclear, then the representative will contact those who have top priority as per your instructions. Then they’ll contact the paramedics.

Your family or friend can speak on your behalf to inform them that the trigger was a mistake.

Understand the Response Process

It’s important to understand how the safety response process works. Once you understand it, you’ll be assured that it’s easy to call off an emergency.

A fall alert is triggered when you push the button on the pendant or bracelet. This will make a representative contact you to determine if you need help. If you say nothing, then they’ll follow the safety response that you created.

This usually means they’ll contact your family. Then they’ll contact the paramedics.

If you inform them that they’re okay and don’t require assistance, then the response ends there. If you’re worried about accidental triggers, then you can always customize your safety response accordingly.

Keep Yourself Safe Today

A fall alert system can mean the difference between life and death. Our safety responses ensure we’re able to tell the difference between an accidental trigger and a real emergency. Keep your family safe by using our fall alert protection system today.


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